World’s Most Expensive Spice

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice” (Wikipedia, 2020). Yes. This is very accurate and affirms its value.  It was found very early but its value to this day remains is an expensive spice, which proves that it has a very high value of benefits. So, what are the benefits and values of Saffron? (Health & Heldi, 2018). This research paper will shed light on the value of saffron on human health. Its benefits such as nutritional value, natural food color, application in the fabric dyeing industry.

 Because it is expensive also very high value, and a lot of people consume it. So people sell unqualified saffron to make a high profit. Which methods help consumers to prevent spending too much money to buy poor quality saffron?

Saffron is a popular spice. Although it is very popular, however, in fact, there are many special things about it that many people unknown to it yet such as its history and origin, it also has a few special names that each of its names has its own characteristics,the useful values of it, and the role of saffron in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a spice that is considered to be World’s Most Expensive Spice, although it is very expensive people do not hesitate to buy it at a very high price. This shows it has very high value and very quality.

The ISO 3632 standard will help consumers choose saffron product lines with high quality value.

What is saffron? This is a flower, Crocus sativus, similar to safflower, people often mention its value in stigmas and saffron crocus According to historical records, saffron appeared in the 7th century BC and it first appeared in Iran, Greece and Mesopotamia (Wikipedia,2020). Over the centuries, saffron was used into the technology of natural fabric dyeing from yellowish-orange color gradually increasing to redness. (Subhuti Dharmananda). It was also associated with the characteristic in some religions. The natural yellowish-orange color of saffron  is favored by the Chinese and the Indians, especially Buddhists often wear saffron colors (Wikipedia,20200). (Picture 1 in Appendix) This is nutritional value per 1 tea spoon of dried saffron (Wikipedia,2020). (See chart 2 in Appendix).  What does Saffron’s nutritional value table show. The table shows: It contains vitamins and minerals, which are essential daily for the human body. Saffron helps boost the immune system because it is a source of Vitamin C and ascrobic acid. Saffron assists in transporting oxygen to tissues,  itself contains a significant amount of iron. As we all know, potassium intake is essential for heart health.  Saffron is also known in the list of foods that contain potassium. Saffron contains calcium, it is used in helping bone strength (Agnistoka, 2017).                                 

Saffron has been known for a long time in medicine, it has the potential to reduce depression. It is considered an anti-depressant herb with safety effect. (Subhuti Dharmananda).This is a disease that today is statistically the 2nd most common disease in the world and accounts for about 3-5% of the world’s population.

In addition it plays a role in the treatment of hypertension, and immune defenses and skin care. Saffron contains crocin and crocheting which can help reduce cell damage related to macular degeneration. 

In Iran and Japan, through pharmacological research shows that saffron extract plays an excellent role in supporting anti-convulsions (Subhuti Dharmananda). According to information from the Health report channel saffron has a beneficial role in weight loss. Because it may help crubing the appetite, and create a relaxed mood so it restricts snack consumption. (Health Report,2018).

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) saffron has shown very rich characteristics. It has many names, Fan Hong Hua. ( Tone Marks) and Zang Hong Hua (alt names).

Each of its names has its own characteristics. (Acupunture today). In the Chinese compendium (Bencao Gangmu) mentioned Saffron’s role  to human health in the circulatory system and blood, as well as to the calm fright, calm nervousness (Subhuti Dharmananda). It is also used to treat a number of conditions such as high fever. It has been shown

To assist break up blood clots. It contains antioxidant compounds, which have the ability to inhibit cancer cells, it has been suggested to play a role in preventing cancer (Acupunture today). Saffron is truly a valuable spice that supports the treatment of some common diseases as well as plays a  role in protecting health.

So that there are many restaurants with a variety of saffron menus. Here are some saffron menus that are easy to make and very good nutritious

Saffron Rice (See picture 4 in Appendix)

Spanish Paella with Saffron (See picture 5 in Appendix)

Saffron Rosewater Chia Pudding With Apple Compote (See picture 6 in Appendix)

Saffron Pistachio White Chocolate Cheesecake “protein ” (See picture 7 in Appendix)

 Saffron Mango and Passionfruit Smoothie” its full of vitamins and health benefits” (See picture 8 in Appendix)

 Saffron Green Tea Poached Pears with Skyr (See picture 9 in Appendix).

But how to guide consumers to avoid using too much money to buy poor quality saffron. There are several ways to identify fake saffron and pure saffron: Fake saffron has very little of its aroma, but pure saffron smells like fruits and flowers. The high quality saffron has a very characteristic shape, the body is long and thin, but the head is bulging. Its characteristic taste is a taste of grass mixed with the smell of honey. By the Water test method is considered a very good method of accurately assessing saffron. With pure saffron, when  it is in the water, it takes 10 to 15 minutes for it to turn yellow in the water. And the color of the saffron body is completely unchanged. But for fake saffron, the body is fragile.                  

Very soluble in water and the body is very easy to change color. Because it is quite expensive, some sellers have sought to blend unqualified products for profit.

The video of Scott Hall was very valuable in helping consumers identify “Saffron Adulteration” by Water Test. (Scott Hall,2019)(See the Video 3-Water Test in Appendix).

When it comes to saffron people often refer to ISO 3632 categories. So what are ISO 3632 categories? ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, has set a standard for measuring the purity and quality of saffron -ISO 3632. This has helped consumers to identify the high quality  saffron,  and limit the fraud in trade. As a rule, saffron is considered to reach its pure level if it meets the required standard of ISO 3632 and of course includes no impurities to be blended into. According to ISO 3632 a standard saffron is usually based on an assessment of taste, aroma and color. This standard has enabled laboratories to test pure saffron types. Based on saffron’s quality level, it has been divided into 3 categories:

Catergory I: Achieving very best quality

Catergory II

Catergory III: poorest quality

Through research and understanding of saffron, are what highlights the benefits of saffron in the health field as well as the value of saffron in culinary arts?


Saffron is a very expensive spice, but it has many  benefits for human health. Saffron is viewed under an angle like a medicinal herb. Its role is abundant in health care and treatment. In terms of TCM, it has been known for a long time and saffron treatments have grown in abundance through the products on sale as well as the extensive menus.  But how to consume it? Luckily, there are lots of saffron menus and drinks .Menus with  saffron help saffron users to treat illnesses as well as in the health protection method  besides drinking method, also can put saffron in such menu will support the abundance. As such it is a very good food source that can recommend to patients. However, how to eat or drink it delicious, this is an art.

The convenience of saffron is easy to add on the diet because it has a beautiful yellowish-orange color using as food color, also a sweet and a subtle taste.

With a small amount of saffron is consumed, it is very safe and does not notice significant side effects.

In itself, it contains many essential components that are essential to human health. The following products are produced due to consumer demand. This can clearly show the correct results of the analysis of saffron’s benefits to human health as American Saffron Herbal Tea, Saffron Herbal Medicine, Herbal Nutrition Pure Saffron Extract, Saffron Herbal Supplement and Saffron Herbal Skin Care Cream.

The saffron is a very good herb. Many experiences have shown that saffron is very good in therapy for health problems. It has been evaluated for centuries. It is really popular, it appears a lot on the menus. Its color is very durable and has a pure beauty, most of the Buddhists have chosen this yellow as their costume.

Thanks to Universe for giving people a beautiful flower with its pure color and scent, and the special components inside that flower created a product called saffron, it truly has brought a tremendous value to people. And special thanks to the creators of saffron products, they worked so hard and meticulous. In this century everything is manufactured by machines but saffron is different. To produce pure saffron they  do by skillful hands and suffering weather from the very early morning.

Hopefully this research paper provides enough information and data to see the value of saffron. Also through the guidance methods for consumers, from now on, consumers will be very confident in choosing saffron to meet the high quality standards. 

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(Wikipedia, 2020). Picture 1

(Wikipedia, 2020) .Chart 2

Energy                                                 27KJ

Carb                                                   1.38g

Fat                                                      0.12g

Protein                                                0.24g

Vitamin A                                           11 IU

Viatamin C                                       1.7 mg

Magnesium                                          6mg

Potassium                                           36mg

Sodium                                              3mg

Iron                                                  0.23 mg

Calcium                                             2 mg

 (Scott Hall,2019) The Video 3-Water Test

(MA SAFFRON, 2018) Picture 5

(MA SAFFRON, 2018) Picture 6

MA SAFFRON, 2018) Picture

(MA SAFFRON, 2018) Picture 8

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