Dear Indian Friends

I have watched the news and know that Indian friends are facing a terrible pandemic due to a new variant Covid -19 called B1617. And I understand a medical disaster is happening to you. Currently in your country, “there is nothing more valuable than a patient bed”. There are many patients infected with Covid-19, eager to be admitted to the hospital to receive treatment and oxygenation. But they are rejected because of the overwhelming number of patients in the hospitals. I understand that you are living in fear and despair.

We always believe “In hours of despair, a miracle will appear”. We have experienced this and would like to share it with you. Our team, in the days of the outbreak of covid -19. Some people were tired all day, some people had short breathing. Personally, I had severe difficulty breathing, lost taste, and poor appetite. Everyone in our group was very confused and worried. Luckily like a miracle appeared, our team agreed to apply Dr. Otto Warburg’s method for self-treatment. After only 2-3 days, our group was amazed. Everyone felt fine, the symptoms have disappeared. Personally, I no longer have difficulty breathing. My taste buds have recovered, I never felt as energetic as I was now. With such amazing results, it is my motivation to write this letter to you and to share this method of self-treatment.

This method is very simple but really effective based on research by Dr. Otto Warburg. He won the Nobel prize in 1931, he proved that: ” No Disease, Including Cancer, Can Exist in an Alkaline Environment (pH=7.35 ) and Oxygen Rich Environment “.

According to his method, it only takes 2 steps
1/ Step 1: Guide us to create an alkaline medium in plasma to reach a pH of 7.35
Mix 250 ml of warm water with 10 to 15 drops of lemon juice.
Drink in the early morning, 30 minutes before breakfast
This way also helps the body to improve immune system. To get over this pandemic is to build a good immune system for yourself before getting infected.

2/ Step 2: Should be exposed to the sun every day with practice of deep breathing.
In the Otto Nobel Prize, he stated that “when the body is in a low oxygen level, it is a favorable condition for viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells have a chance to grow.

The image below will guide breathing techniques

Miracles come to our team and we have recorded and shared all of those experiences with you. I hope you can overcome the pandemic on your own thanks to your body’s good immune system. We are always by your side. Every day we will pray for you to overcome the tsunami of the pandemic until your country stabilizes. You should turn to the East to pray, where we will turn to you.
And we are always by your side.


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