Earthquakes and Necessary Equipment

In some advanced countries and Japan are the countries that experience the most earthquakes, the specialized agencies and measuring instruments are always ready to promptly warn people in area where there is a possibility of an earthquake.
However, in some cases people can not receive the signals about an earthquake in time. What do they do? This problem is really worrying! These are warning signs of earthquakes that have been handed down from people who have experienced earthquakes.

1/ The appearance of strange lights in the sky

2/ If you’ve never experienced an earthquake, but next to you a cat is a benefit for you. In Japan, people appreciate cats because they are the most sensitive creatures to earthquakes. They have strange agitated expressions because they can sense earthquake signals such as changes in atmospheric pressure, ground deformation.

What should we do if an earthquake occurs? Perhaps many people know through how to prepare and respond when an earthquake occurs such as :

Always have a first aid kit at home.

There may be a power outage, so flashlights with extra bulbs and batteries are required. Also, portable radio is a very important means of knowing the status of earthquakes. Prepare a bag of emergency supplies including personal documents, credit cards, and a small amount of cash.
At Amazon, there is EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit IFAK for $41.99 & free returns. With 250 pieces equipped for Survival First Aid Kit IFAK Molle System Compatible Outdoor Gear Emergency Kits Trauma Bag for Camping Boat, Hunting Hiking, and Earthquake. It is the 1st bestseller with 7,768 ratings reaching 5 stars.

Also at Walmart, there is a 3-day Emergency Earthquake Storm Survival kit for $39.99 and free 2-day delivery.

In case of being trapped or buried under a pile of bricks or fallen wood, the victim cannot communicate by cell phone because Wi-Fi is lost, a whistle is a very important tool to promptly rescue the victim.
For $3,49 we can get ALPINISM Emergency Whistle at Amazon. Currently free shipping , and free returns. You save: $1.84 (35%).It reaches super loud levels, 120dB.

And $10.49 for 5-In-1 Orange Survival Whistle at Walmart with Coleman brand include Loud whistle, Compass works, mirror and flint.

With Earthquakes and Necessary Equipment, it will help you easily recognize the signs of earthquakes while not receiving information from specialized earthquake warning agencies. And the tools mentioned above are very cheap and extremely effective to equip during an earthquake.

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