The Land of Tropical Southeast Asia, The World of Laksa Leaves


Laksa Leaves are very popular plants in the tropical Southeast Asia, They like really wet soil. In many countries laksa leaves are called by different names such as Vietnamese mint, Vietnamese cilantro, Vietnamese coriander, Cambodian mint, Pak pai (ผักไผ่) (Thai), Pak paeo (Laos),or Thuy Lieu.

Classification of laksa leaves according to science:
  • Gender (regnum) Plantae
  • Order (ordo) Caryophyllales
  • Family (familia) Polygonaceae
  • Genus (genus) Persicaria
  • Species P. Odorata

Laksa leaves are quite popular in many aspects:

In poetry, people praise the beauty of eyes like the shape of laksa leaves.

Because the essential oil of laksa leaves contains a warm spicy taste, so in Vietnamese cuisine, people often eat laksa leaves with seafood porridge, duck egg porridge, duck eggs, chicken salad, duck salad… to reduce the fishy smell of food.

In Western medicine, according to the analysis of laksa leaves, laksa leaves contain very high levels of vitamin C, they are used as extracts in many pharmaceuticals to treat fever, diuretics, anti-emetics, and skin diseases, and referred to a snake bite wound.


In Eastern medicine, due to its spicy taste and warm properties, laksa leaves are considered as a medicine with anti-inflammatory effects, stimulating digestion, except for cold, active in hematopoietic.

Although laksa leaves have many uses in Western and Eastern medicine and are very popular in many menus. However, the use of large amounts of laksa leaves has been reported to have health effects. Due to its hematopoietic effect, menorrhagia may occur in women during menstruation. Because of this feature, laksa leaves are recommended for women with irregular menstrual periods or little menstrual periods.

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