Earthquakes and Necessary Equipment

In some advanced countries and Japan are the countries that experience the most earthquakes, the specialized agencies and measuring instruments are always ready to promptly warn people in area where there is a possibility of an earthquake.
However, in some cases people can not receive the signals about an earthquake in time. What do they do? This problem is really worrying! These are warning signs of earthquakes that have been handed down from people who have experienced earthquakes.

1/ The appearance of strange lights in the sky

2/ If you’ve never experienced an earthquake, but next to you a cat is a benefit for you. In Japan, people appreciate cats because they are the most sensitive creatures to earthquakes. They have strange agitated expressions because they can sense earthquake signals such as changes in atmospheric pressure, ground deformation.

What should we do if an earthquake occurs? Perhaps many people know through how to prepare and respond when an earthquake occurs such as :

Always have a first aid kit at home.

There may be a power outage, so flashlights with extra bulbs and batteries are required. Also, portable radio is a very important means of knowing the status of earthquakes. Prepare a bag of emergency supplies including personal documents, credit cards, and a small amount of cash.
At Amazon, there is EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit IFAK for $41.99 & free returns. With 250 pieces equipped for Survival First Aid Kit IFAK Molle System Compatible Outdoor Gear Emergency Kits Trauma Bag for Camping Boat, Hunting Hiking, and Earthquake. It is the 1st bestseller with 7,768 ratings reaching 5 stars.

Also at Walmart, there is a 3-day Emergency Earthquake Storm Survival kit for $39.99 and free 2-day delivery.

In case of being trapped or buried under a pile of bricks or fallen wood, the victim cannot communicate by cell phone because Wi-Fi is lost, a whistle is a very important tool to promptly rescue the victim.
For $3,49 we can get ALPINISM Emergency Whistle at Amazon. Currently free shipping , and free returns. You save: $1.84 (35%).It reaches super loud levels, 120dB.

And $10.49 for 5-In-1 Orange Survival Whistle at Walmart with Coleman brand include Loud whistle, Compass works, mirror and flint.

With Earthquakes and Necessary Equipment, it will help you easily recognize the signs of earthquakes while not receiving information from specialized earthquake warning agencies. And the tools mentioned above are very cheap and extremely effective to equip during an earthquake.

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Bé Mèo Của Tôi – Tập 1

Tiếng công tắc đèn từ phòng ngủ vừa vang lên.

Một tiếng động vội vã gây nên sự va chạm những vật trên nền nhà tạo ra âm thanh leng keng, dường như là một vật…. từ độ cao hạ xuống nền nhà… phá đi sự yên tĩnh của buổi sáng sớm.

Tiếng cửa phòng cót két vừa được hé chầm chậm. Một đôi mắt đen láy to và còn ngái ngủ nhìn vào cách cửa được mở ra. Khác với buổi trưa khi mà đang sung mãn, trong điệu bộ nửa ngủ nửa sợ Tôi đi mất. Dù có vội vã đến mấy, một kiểu cách chào buổi sáng sớm thật thân thiện và tràn đầy tình cảm như thế, Tôi đáp lại bằng một hành động cảm kích. Tôi cuối xuống ngang tầm với Bé Mèo: ”Ôi, ôi… bé Mèo thương Cô lắm hả? Bé Mèo chờ Cô có lâu không?”
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Vâng, từ một năm nay Tôi không còn đến sở sớm để tán gẫu với đồng nghiệp và nhâm nhi tách cà phê sáng, bù vào đó Tôi cảm thấy mỗi buổi sáng với Tôi thật vui và ý nghĩa bên Bé Mèo.

Công việc của Tôi đòi hỏi Tôi không thể nằm ngủ thêm quá 2giờ 30 phút sáng. Thời khắc mà mọi người đang chìm trong giấc mộng đẹp hay đang quấn mền thật chắc lúc tiết lạnh vẫn còn đọng lại khi mà hoàng hôn chưa thức dậy.

Từ độ cao nơi Bé Mèo ngủ, Bé vội nhảy xuống nền – va chạm những vật xung quanh và đứng trước cửa phòng khi đoán rằng Tôi đã thức bởi sự báo hiệu công tắc đèn được mở.

Bé Mèo là điểm dừng chân đầu tiên của Tôi trong ngày, Tôi không thể không trò chuyện thăm hỏi. Tôi tặng bé Mèo những chiếc bánh và đặt sẵn một cốc nước.

Trước khi Tôi khép cửa nhà , Tôi nói khẽ: “Cô đi làm, Con ở nhà ngoan nghe“.

Cặp mắt đen – to… nhìn Tôi không rời… đậm nét lưu luyến.
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The Cicada From La Fontaine’s Fables To Feng Shui, and the Field of Medicine

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Surely many of us are very familiar with the character “Cicada” in the story “The Ant and the Cicada” by the great writer La Fontaine. The character Cicada in the story was a criticized image, lazy, like to sing all day. And the end of laziness was a life lesson for us to remember and correct.

Likewise, in Feng Shui, the Cicada is also a famous character, but unlike in the story, the Cicada is praised here.

Do you know about Ngoc Thien?

In the field of traditional medicine, when people have boils, it is impossible not to mention the function of Thuyen Thoai. Who is Thuyen Thoai? A character has too many names, this shows its diversity in many areas.

Characteristics of Cicadas: Cicadas do not sting, do not bite, they are harmless to humans. Cicadas do not eat vegetables, they live from 5 to 17 years underground by to stored fat and sucking small amounts of plant root sap.
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Cicada Song

The male cicadas are responsible for emitting sound by vibrating two loudspeakers. The loudspeakers are the thin membranes, attached from the chest cavity, the recorded sound intensity reaches 120 dB, ranked second in the list loud-sounding insects. According to research, with a sound intensity of 120dB of cicadas can be the cause of permanent hearing loss in humans if left close to the ears.

Ngoc Thien is the nickname of Cicadas in the field of Feng shui. The characteristic of the cicadas molting for regeneration; so in Feng shui they are a symbol of a long life, good health and happiness. They also have a very pure and noble image, no different from the Lotus: Before molting to turn into the Cicadas, they lived in the mud. But after being molted, they live on the branches and drink only the pure morning dew. The sound of Cicadas is loud and continuous, a symbol of intense and persistent vitality.

In the Han Dynasty, 202 BC – 220 AD, Ngoc Thien was carved to make jewelry and gifts in meaningful ceremonies, so people also gave it the name “Han Bat Dao”. It is said that women often put Ngoc Thien on their makeup table to be fresh and happy because Cicadas chirping all day long, luck, and great comebacks.

“Thuyen Thoai, or Trach Thien” are the pharmacological name of cicadas in traditional medicine. Shells of cicadas are the main part used. The therapeutic value of Cicadas is great for diseases such as:

Epileptic seizures
Dry skin that causes hot itchiness
Cold, cough, loss of voice

However, we do not always have available Thuyen Thoai to treat epilepsy seizures, convulsions, or loss of voice. There are many treatment methods that are optimal measures to bring effective treatment and help people overcome the disease.

People can massage or acupuncture into acupuncture points on the body of people who are suffering from epilepsy. By this method, it is possible to reduce the frequency of seizures when there is no time to give the patient medication. However, while the patient is having a convulsion, it can cause the needle to penetrate deep into the tissues. Therefore, the method of massaging the acupuncture points is relatively safe and effective.

Professions such as teachers, singers, artists, voice is very important to them. In case of sudden loss of voice, HT 5 tongli can be massaged, this acupuncture point helps to regain voice temporarily.

In the case of pregnant women, and children, it is not advisable to use the remedies from Thuyen Thoai, as well as use the acupuncture points to treat diseases without the advice of doctors and specialists.

As predicted by scientists and biologists, this year is exactly 17 years Cicadas belong to the Magicicada family with a life cycle of 17 years appearing in a very large number of some states in the US.

This summer, what a rare and precious opportunity for those who love Feng Shui as well as want to collect the cicada shells to treat diseases. We can put the cicada shells in jars with lids to create Feng Shui items that have the meaning of happiness, good health, purity and youth, and happiness.
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Ngày Của Mẹ – Mother’s Day


Từ ”Mẹ” thật giản đơn, nhưng âm điệu vô cùng ấm áp và truyền cảm.

Thật vậy, Mẹ của Tôi sống cuộc đời đơn giản và hy sinh vì con cái. Từng miếng ăn, từng cái mặc Mẹ thật giản dị. Mẹ mặc những chiếc áo cũ được vá lại nhiều lớp, nhưng Mẹ không sợ người ngoài cười. Mẹ nhường tất cả phần Mẹ cho chúng con. Mẹ thấy đàn con của Mẹ được ăn đầy đủ và ngoan học đó là niềm vui lớn nhất của Mẹ.

Hai vần ”M” và ”E” được ghép lại để tạo thành từ Mẹ, thật là ngắn. Nhưng tình thương của Mẹ tôi thì sâu đậm lắm, không có thiết bị nào đo được. Ánh mắt của Mẹ tôi rất hiền và biết đọc. Mẹ đọc được chúng tôi đang thiếu gì và đang cần gì. Mẹ tuy không được học cao ,nhưng tình thương và sự hy sinh của một bác sĩ dành cho bệnh nhân thì Mẹ có rất nhiều.

Anh tôi bị động kinh, trong lúc nguy kịch. Mẹ cố cứu anh…bàn tay của Mẹ đầy máu và nhầy nhụa những vết cắn của anh. Mẹ không giận, Mẹ không trách. Mẹ vui lắm… vì Mẹ đã… cứu được con trai của Mẹ Những bệnh truyền nhiễm của các con rất hôi và dễ lây. Tình thương của Mẹ quá lớn, Mẹ không sợ bị nhiễm. Mẹ chỉ sợ các con không còn sống bên Mẹ. Mẹ thức suốt đêm khi con thức, và khi con ngủ rồi Mẹ vẫn thức để chậm mồ hôi cho con.

Nhìn cánh hồng ủ rũ, chúng con lại lo sợ Mẹ sẽ không còn sống đời với chúng con.
Mother’s day là một ngày đặc biệt của Mẹ. Chúng ta cùng nhau làm điều gì đó cho Mẹ thật vui để đền đáp Ơn và Nợ của Mẹ dành cho chúng ta cả đời này.
Chúng con muốn nói với Mẹ rằng chúng con luôn nhớ về Mẹ, không chỉ trong Mother‘s day, từng giờ từng phút chúng con luôn cần có Mẹ.

Ngàn lần… xin cảm ơn Mẹ.

Dear Indian Friends

I have watched the news and know that Indian friends are facing a terrible pandemic due to a new variant Covid -19 called B1617. And I understand a medical disaster is happening to you. Currently in your country, “there is nothing more valuable than a patient bed”. There are many patients infected with Covid-19, eager to be admitted to the hospital to receive treatment and oxygenation. But they are rejected because of the overwhelming number of patients in the hospitals. I understand that you are living in fear and despair.

We always believe “In hours of despair, a miracle will appear”. We have experienced this and would like to share it with you. Our team, in the days of the outbreak of covid -19. Some people were tired all day, some people had short breathing. Personally, I had severe difficulty breathing, lost taste, and poor appetite. Everyone in our group was very confused and worried. Luckily like a miracle appeared, our team agreed to apply Dr. Otto Warburg’s method for self-treatment. After only 2-3 days, our group was amazed. Everyone felt fine, the symptoms have disappeared. Personally, I no longer have difficulty breathing. My taste buds have recovered, I never felt as energetic as I was now. With such amazing results, it is my motivation to write this letter to you and to share this method of self-treatment.

This method is very simple but really effective based on research by Dr. Otto Warburg. He won the Nobel prize in 1931, he proved that: ” No Disease, Including Cancer, Can Exist in an Alkaline Environment (pH=7.35 ) and Oxygen Rich Environment “.

According to his method, it only takes 2 steps
1/ Step 1: Guide us to create an alkaline medium in plasma to reach a pH of 7.35
Mix 250 ml of warm water with 10 to 15 drops of lemon juice.
Drink in the early morning, 30 minutes before breakfast
This way also helps the body to improve immune system. To get over this pandemic is to build a good immune system for yourself before getting infected.

2/ Step 2: Should be exposed to the sun every day with practice of deep breathing.
In the Otto Nobel Prize, he stated that “when the body is in a low oxygen level, it is a favorable condition for viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells have a chance to grow.

The image below will guide breathing techniques

Miracles come to our team and we have recorded and shared all of those experiences with you. I hope you can overcome the pandemic on your own thanks to your body’s good immune system. We are always by your side. Every day we will pray for you to overcome the tsunami of the pandemic until your country stabilizes. You should turn to the East to pray, where we will turn to you.
And we are always by your side.